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When meditating, one opens access to the mind and spirit, which makes one feel both relaxed and very focused at the same time. When practicing with crystals, a state of relaxation allows one to concentrate and tune into the stones for maximum healing properties. It is important to know – where to start meditating with crystals and which stones to choose for this purpose.

General Information

Back in the 1980s, along with the spread of yoga, meditation began its journey in the Western hemisphere. Now science recognizes its effectiveness. It has been proven that regular practice supports mental, physical and emotional health. One of the essential elements of self-knowledge is the need to maintain a state of calm during practice. For this, beginners and experienced meditation enthusiasts alike use precious crystals. 

How Meditation Will Change Your Life

The practice of inward immersion is one way to improve your state of mind, body and spirit. Here are a few examples of what meditation is for.

  1. Mental benefits. It relieves stress, promotes relaxation and focus, helps to achieve peace and control one’s emotions, improves mental clarity, clears the mind and consciousness, gives a feeling of happiness and positivity.
  2. Physical Benefits. Immersion in a meditative state clears negative energy, chakras and aura, reduces the risk of chronic disease, improves immunity and alleviates pain.
  3. Spiritual Benefits. Concentration improves intuition, provides spiritual protection, and helps you find understanding with your inner spirit.

How crystals help with meditation

During meditation, one is in an elevated state, which allows one to interact with crystals on a higher and more powerful level compared to the state outside of meditation. Crystals can really help make changes and advance one’s life in a way that achieves what previously seemed impossible. In addition, with the help of stones, one is immersed in a deeper trance state. 

The energy of healing stones rejuvenates and harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. During meditation, one is more receptive to this energy, and it has the following benefits:

  • The physical bodies become more in sync with the crystals, so the healing properties of the latter are more easily perceived and assimilated;
  • deeper immersion into the practice and, as a consequence, more obvious results;
  • deeper realization, insight and spiritual awareness;
  • energy centers become more balanced, helping to improve mental, physical and spiritual health.

Using precious gems to expand consciousness

If one wants to achieve a goal or realize a dream, using crystals in the practice of self-knowledge will help accelerate this process. To do this, one should choose a crystal that carries the benefit or properties that one wants to achieve. To enhance the healing properties of stones, it is recommended to use them in combination with transparent quartz. One should focus on the intention during meditation. Regular practice will help to attract the desired result.

Using crystals during trance immersion

Meditation gems are one of the best tools for elevating consciousness. This process is also referred to as raising the vibrational properties of the body. When a person reaches this state, he will feel more carefree, happy and inspired. He will bring more love into his life and attract more desirable things. The best minerals to use for this purpose are blue, purple and white crystals (the best choice in this case is amethyst).

How to place crystals during meditation

There are several generally accepted ways of placing crystals during the practice. The placement of the gems depends on the goal. Separately, it should be noted that there are no right or wrong ways to use the gems for practice.

Meditation with Amethysts

The most effective way to meditate with crystals is to practice with amethysts. The universal healing properties of these stones and their calming effect on the mind and body have found their fans. It makes it easier to dive into a trance state, and the results are more dynamic. 

Hold the gems in your left hand

If you don’t have a specific goal in mind during meditation, you can hold the stones in your left hand. The left hand is our “receiving” hand and the right hand is our “giving” hand, which is why you must hold the crystals in the “receiving” hand during practice to receive healing properties and energy. 

The gems in the palm can be used as a visual focal point. Through this technique, you will feel vibrations, heat, tingling, or perhaps other fluids emanating from the crystal. At the beginning of your practice, you can ask the gemstone a question or “communicate” your intention.  

Create a crystal grid around the body

This method is effective in treating physical ailments. How to conduct the practice? Simply place or place the crystals in specific areas of the body that you wish to heal. Meditate and focus on absorbing the healing properties of the minerals.  

Place the gems on the chakras

Gems are great for balancing and stimulating the chakras in the body. This is essential for overall health. To do this, simply lie down and place crystals that resonate with the necessary chakras on the places that need balancing. 

How to find the right crystals for meditation 

There are several ways to discover the best minerals for practice. Of course, the ones that positively affect the body now won’t necessarily have the same properties a month, a year or five years from now, as stones attract different energy at different stages.


The hue of the gems helps determine which stones are best to use for meditation. Coloration is one of the most important factors in determining the meaning and properties of crystals. Depending on the predominant color, meditating with a gemstone has different effects and/or healing.

Color therapy is an energy medicine technique that activates biochemical and hormonal processes in the body. Crystals are often used as color therapy tools, like colored lights and tissues.

For example, multicolor stones have the supportive and healing properties of the combined colors they possess.

crystals stones


The shape of natural stones plays an important role in lithotherapy. The shape of gems created by nature supports the natural flow of energy, while regardless of the cut, most of the healing properties remain in the stone.

Different shapes help achieve different results. For example, a cube provides a stable flow of energy and reliably preserves “programmed” intentions. Stones of this cut absorb negative thoughts and they are responsible for the root chakra.

Gemstones with a single “point” are used to direct energy to a specific point. It can be directed at or away from a person, depending on the type of meditation and the location of the stone. This is the most common shape for crystals; they are used to create crystal grids.

Gemstones pointed on both sides are unique in their own way because of their rarity. They are very powerful because they can both transmit and receive or radiate energy. 

The pyramidal shape symbolizes harmony and is most often used for healing purposes.

Spherical minerals radiate the same amount of energy in all directions. They purify the environment and attract health and happiness. 

Heart-cut gems are responsible for the energy of love, which is meant to reduce negative emotions (sadness, anger or grief).

How to feel the energy of crystals

Color and cut play an important role in determining the meaning of gemstones. However, gems can be tuned to feel their energy. This process requires some experience, so you should not abandon this component of the practice at the first failures. 

First of all, you should pay attention to crystals that look visually appealing to you personally. It is enough even to look at pictures – if you feel that you are attracted to a stone, it is one of the signs of a connection with the gem.

Also an important part of working with minerals are physical and emotional sensations, i.e. tingling, warmth, cold and/or haunting memories and visual images.