The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Incense for Meditation in 2023

Incense for Meditation

If your energy is low and your home no longer seems like a safe haven, it may be time to clean up your surroundings, calm your feelings, and replenish your wasted resources. No, we’re not talking about general cleaning and mint tea. We are talking about the power of aromatic sticks, which can expel the […]

Meditation Colors & Their Meaning

Meditation Colors

The human body emits light that can be seen by clairvoyants and qigong doctors alike. In China, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have found that light therapy is effective in treating certain diseases because projected light is able to penetrate tissues and interact with patients’ energy fields. Expanding the color image is an important part […]

What is a yoga bolster used for

yoga bolster

Yoga classes are considered very beneficial for the whole body. It promotes complete relaxation of the body, improves brain activity, and has a positive effect on the nervous and respiratory systems. This practice is not only suitable for men and women, but also for pregnant women. But not all users can achieve maximum results at […]

How to create a meditation altar at home

meditation altar

An altar for meditation is a sacred place of power that you can set up in your home. It will always be at hand and will help you at the right moment to energize yourself and your loved ones, to inspire or to heal. The altar is your power, it is alive and should be […]

How to clean and store yoga mat

yoga mat

A yoga mat is a must-have accessory for performing asanas, breathing practices, and meditation. However, it is not recommended to change such devices frequently. It is believed that the longer a person practices on the same device, the easier it is to perform asanas and the deeper will be the meditation. But products need a […]

China health balls: what are they, what are their benefits, what are they for, what are the exercises and how to perform them?

health balls

These simple devices, which have a healing effect on the body, are used in Oriental medicine for over six centuries. They appeared in China (Ming Dynasty), from there they spread to the neighboring Korea, Japan, Tibet, Central Asia, then to Europe (Holland) and all over the world. With a high degree of probability we can […]

Yoga room decor ideas

Yoga room

Yoga is a Hindu discipline that originated more than 5,000 years ago and encapsulates an entire philosophy of life. Through a combination of asanas, breathing, meditation and other techniques, we balance body and mind. Which in today’s stressful realities, is more than necessary for absolutely everyone. There are many types of yoga, as well as […]

10 optimal crystals for meditation


What crystals are good for the practice? There is no list of suitable or extremely harmful crystals for meditation. The choice always depends on the inner feelings that the gems evoke.  For beginners or those who have not yet decided on a gemstone for practice, a list of gemstones has been created, which have the […]

Meditation with stones and crystals


When meditating, one opens access to the mind and spirit, which makes one feel both relaxed and very focused at the same time. When practicing with crystals, a state of relaxation allows one to concentrate and tune into the stones for maximum healing properties. It is important to know – where to start meditating with […]

What to sit on during meditation? Cushions, benches, bolsters


How to prepare for a meditation course? What should I bring with me? The most important thing is to think about how and on what you will sit. How comfortable you sit will determine the success of your practice. Read our detailed review of meditation cushions and benches to choose the one that’s right for […]

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