The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Incense for Meditation in 2023

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Incense for Meditation

If your energy is low and your home no longer seems like a safe haven, it may be time to clean up your surroundings, calm your feelings, and replenish your wasted resources. No, we’re not talking about general cleaning and mint tea. We are talking about the power of aromatic sticks, which can expel the accumulated negative from your home and breathe new life into you. What are incense sticks and why burn them in your apartment Constant Sale Shop tells us right now.

What are aroma sticks and why do we need these incenses?

Aroma sticks are bamboo sticks soaked in essential oils that fill the space with aromatic smoke when burned. They are used for scenting a room, meditation, aromatherapy, or cleansing a room of negative energy.

Incense with a high concentration of essential oils is a frequent guest at yoga or meditation sessions to create a soothing atmosphere. When you’re feeling emotionally depressed and completely broken, the right incense helps calm the nervous system and improve brain function and mood.

How does this happen? When you inhale the fragrance molecules, the olfactory system immediately transmits signals to the limbic system of the brain, affecting emotions and memory processing.

In addition to the therapeutic effect, incense works on a domestic level to clear the space of negative energy and attract positive things like financial well-being, success, love, passion and harmony. According to Feng Shui, aromatic sticks take their power from the Fire element designed to motivate and energize you for new achievements.

Is the aroma sticks harmful: a review of the composition

The typical composition of an aroma stick: an herbal/wood powder, an aromatic material, an adhesive agent and a bamboo fiber.

Oriental incense is made from plants such as patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver. They are harvested, ground in a large mortar with a pestle, mixed with water to a paste-like consistency, and then some saltpeter is added to ensure that the mixture burns evenly. The product is then shaped and sent for sale.

In India, incense sticks are made from bamboo and coated with an aromatic mixture. Bamboo fiber has excellent absorption properties, and therefore is abundantly saturated with fragrance mixtures and evenly exudes them when burned.

You can buy aromatic sticks of two kinds – of natural or synthetic raw materials.  In the first case, the wood base is impregnated with natural essential oils of flowers, fruits and trees, which is useful to inhale to restore vitality and energy. In the second case, the bamboo is impregnated with aroma oils, created in the laboratory from synthetic substances. Such aromatic sticks are used exclusively to aromatize the space and to purify it from negative energy according to Feng Shui. The therapeutic effect of such aroma gadgets is completely deprived.

So the answer to the question, “Are aroma sticks harmful to health?” – depends on their composition. If it is 100% natural, consisting of wood and premium essential oils, then you can safely use them for meditation or aromatherapy to calm the nerves or to relieve stress. Light incense in a well-ventilated room several times a week, but not every day. It is also not advisable to light several sticks; one incense stick is enough.

A good incense has a distinct clear smell, which you inhale and immediately feel the positive effect. If after aromatherapy you didn’t feel any of the benefits promised by the manufacturer, this product is of low quality and it will not benefit your mental health. At the moment, aroma sticks are one of the most effective tools for dealing with emotional problems: anxiety, fear, uneasiness and insecurity. The best helper in these matters is the scent of the rose.

How to make perfume sticks: the process of making incense

  1. In the first step, the end of each stick is cleaned and then dyed in the color characteristic of a particular fragrance.
  2. The next day, the aromatic oils are mixed and applied to the sticks, after which they are dried overnight. An incense can contain a single fragrance or a complex combination of ingredients.
  3. The dried aroma sticks are wrapped in wax paper and sealed in plastic bags with a zipper, then placed in brightly colored paper packages for sale.
Incense for Meditation

How to properly light incense sticks

№1. Bring a lighter or match to the end of the stick and light it so that the end turns red. The incense will burn for 10 seconds and then go out on its own.

You should see the embers smoldering as the red light advances to the end of the stick. If something went wrong and you see a motionless ash at the tip of the incense, try lighting it again.

№2. Gently blow on the burning tip of the incense so that it will ignite and release streams of smoke. After about 30 seconds, you will smell it. If there is no red charcoal and no scent, then you have completely extinguished the incense and you will have to light it again. When you blow, place your palm behind the flame.

№3. Insert the wand into the incense holder. You can set it vertically or horizontally. In each case, make sure the ash from the tip of the fragrance stick falls on the holder, not on the furniture or carpet. If you bought scented wands but don’t have a coaster, make one yourself – just fill a glass with rice, sand or salt.

№4. Allow the incense to burn completely. It usually takes 20-30 minutes for it to do this. The time depends on the thickness and length of the product. Never leave incense unattended. If you need to leave the house urgently, dip the burning tip of the aroma stick in a glass of water. Always conduct aromatherapy away from curtains and other easily flammable surfaces. Keep incense out of reach of children and pets. Do not put it on an open window sill so that the wind will not knock the incense over.

How to choose incense sticks: the energetic meaning of aromas

You already know how to choose quality incense and how to light it correctly. It remains to decide on the scent, aimed at solving specific problems:

  • If the work area lacks energy, you need to increase the flow of prosperity and finances, incense with cinnamon will be the best choice.
  • If the space is full of negative energy, white sage, cedarwood and sandalwood will come to the rescue. Sage clears the room of stale energy, making room for new energy. Best when you want to start a new life and forget the unpleasant past.
  • Lavender is the scent of calm and the enemy of insomnia. Light it in the bedroom and other rooms so that the housemates will be calm, not annoyed by trifles and not quarrelsome.
  • Vanilla is the smell of family harmony and prosperity and also a powerful aphrodisiac. Also it is a generator of creative ideas, so if you have a creative profession, you should buy vanilla-scented perfume sticks.
  • Peppermint – a symbol of a clear mind, prosperity and high performance to solve complex problems.
  • Citrus – orange, lemon, lime – invigorating scents and antidepressants. Used to cleanse the home of negative energy, attract happiness and good moods.
  • Rose is a symbol of love, helping to heal after heartaches and return passion to a cooled relationship.
  • Sandalwood in tandem with coarse salt is used during spring cleaning to draw out the ingrained negativity in the home.
  • Jasmine is an optimist by nature and inspires self-confidence. Attracts love and harmony in family relationships. Think about planting a jasmine bush under your bedroom window.