Founded in 2007, The Mind-Body Company specializes in proven holistic practices that bring health, happiness and abundance. There are two principles that we believe are essential for living a life of purpose and meaning. You’ll see them throughout all our programs.

  1. Training

Effective training (or practice) is the true path to excellence in any area of your life. If we want any result in life, whether that is better health, more financial abundance, better relationships, we know that regular training or practice is crucial. It’s always our practice that allows us to continually grow and evolve.

  1. A balanced and holistic approach in our training.

The second key concept is that training should be holistic and balanced in nature. We’re not interested in half measures that only partially address the real issues. We know that effective training needs to be complete, balanced and holistic. For lasting positive change, we must address the subtle energy system that we experience through the mind-body connection.