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Yoga room

Yoga is a Hindu discipline that originated more than 5,000 years ago and encapsulates an entire philosophy of life.

Through a combination of asanas, breathing, meditation and other techniques, we balance body and mind. Which in today’s stressful realities, is more than necessary for absolutely everyone.

There are many types of yoga, as well as exercises, techniques and postures that help us achieve greater physical and mental control, with great benefits. Yoga is suitable for everyone: beginners or advanced, children and adults, men and women, no difference, the main thing is desire!

An ideal practice for relaxing, recharging and reconnecting with well-being, yoga is now more fashionable and helpful than ever.

Don’t have time to go to a yoga class? Know that today you can very well take online classes and do these exercises at home.

Choose the right place

The first thing to do when you decide to arrange a space to do yoga in your home is to choose a place that you really like, it should be a place where you will feel as good and relaxed as possible.

Choose a room with natural light: there should be plenty of daylight in your yoga room. If this is not possible, use warm electric light, as close to natural light as possible. Buy a salt lamp made of Himalayan salt: it not only has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the house, but also has a revitalizing effect.

The choice of location is important. You can do yoga indoors, but why not in your garden. If you choose a place in your home, prefer to choose a corner of the room: this way you can more easily leave your yoga equipment in place, and you won’t suffer from disturbing other family members to move around the house quietly.

If you prefer to practice yoga outside, it’s best to choose a sheltered spot, such as under a gazebo, so it’s not too hot especially in the summer. Likewise, if you can, prefer a place with comfortable ground, such as grass or carpet. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, a yoga mat will give you a nice support.

Minimalist decor

You’ll want to decorate your yoga space, and that’s perfectly fine. And it’s even recommended. But be careful not to overwhelm this space, and choose a neat and minimalist decor: this will help your concentration, because your mind will not be distracted by too many surrounding elements.

The objects and paintings you choose should be in a sophisticated style, preferably ethnic style, to create an atmosphere of flight to help your mind travel outside of time. Think of paintings depicting serene spaces, lotus flowers, Buddha figurines or a Tibetan singing bowl.

Yoga room

Seek solace

If there’s one aspect that should be prioritized in developing a yoga space, it’s comfort. It’s really important to feel good, at ease, so that you can really relax afterwards.

The first item to get is a zafu. This cushion is ideal to accompany the person throughout the yoga class: in particular, it promotes good posture during meditation. An added benefit: when the course is over, the zafu is also very decorative and is placed on the floor.

Also, get a non-slip yoga mat so you can do the exercises in complete safety. Feel free to propagate ethnic rugs to increase the comfort of your yoga space.

Plants for positive energy

There’s nothing better than installing plants in your yoga space to make it even more comfortable. Be sure to choose plants that attract positive energy, such as orchids, peaceful lilies or bamboo.

Also add elements or organic materials such as wood or pebbles. Finally, also place candles in your yoga space that you can light as you relax. Some are scented for even more relaxation and well-being.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Some essential oils, such as lavender, marjoram or even mandarin, are known to promote rest and relaxation. A diffuser with essential oils can help you clear your mind, relax your muscles and improve your breathing.

It’s best not to use harsh, overly active scents for exercise. The classics are sandalwood and natural essential oils, such as lavender, the best anti-stress scent.

Ask the professionals what other essential oils are best to use for relaxation, as well as what blends are best to make.


The place you choose for your daily yoga practice should inspire you to practice. It must be cozy enough and with all its appearance urge you to break away from work for a while, get out of the social media and work on your body and soul. So think about the decor. It can be live plants, incense, a shiva figurine, a salt lamp, or a beautiful post.