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word of God

Most of us have forgotten about the meaning of praying. Sadly, a lot of people only pray during crucial moments of our lives. Talking to God is a meditative activity that requires focus in bringing the mind, body, and spirit together. Here are some tips on how you can meditate and pray more effectively.
Find a quiet and serene place.
Quiet doesn’t always mean serene especially when the room that you find quiet is a room that you barely clean. Chances are, it is your bedroom. Not everyone can afford to have a designated prayer or meditation room in their homes. But, any place that is free of noise and clutter will do just as well. A clean place helps clear the mind too.
Relax, breathe, and unload thoughts that would hinder meditation.
Preparing for prayer by meditating and clearing the mind is necessary. People who tend to over-think will benefit from this exercise as any negative thoughts and feelings are banished from the mind. This preparation puts the mind and body in a relaxed state so connecting with the spirit and meditating on the word of God becomes more effective.
Listen to an audio version of your spiritual text.
While the conventional way of meditating on the word of God is reading passages from the Bible, Qur’an etc. there are audio versions that can help people focus on the word of God. Audio versions available in mp3 format actually allows people to listen to the verses and think about how they apply to their own lives. Some of these audio materials even have guided instructions on how to meditate on the word of God. The reflections that are included in some of these audio materials also help give you a fresh perspective on the scriptures, giving more meaning to the words. With this kind of approach, prayer becomes more relevant and meaningful.
Pray silently and in free verse.
Memorized prayers may be part of your rituals but more meaningful praying takes more than just reciting a string of memorized words. You can set aside the usual prayers for the meantime and just talk to God. This means that prayer has to be more personal. Meditating on the word of God is like engaging in a conversation with God. Listen to his words and understand how they can bring meaning to your life. The solutions to the problems that you are facing everyday might just come to you in prayer. All you have to do is to open your mind and listen to Him.
Have a journal in which you can write your reflections and prayers based on chosen spiritual verses.
There is a reason why some meditation books have blanks for you to write on. It keeps track of your spiritual progress. Some have separate sheets of paper on which you can write prayers to God. You can write your thoughts, your words of thanksgiving, your petitions and favours, and any other things you want to say. You can even have a symbolic ritual such us rolling up your messages, tying them on a balloon and sending them up to the heavens. Some people opt to burn their messages and send them up in smoke.
No matter what rituals you observe in meditating on the word of God, it is important that you do them with an open heart. Be sincere in your prayers. Just as much as you want God to listen to your prayers, you also have to open your heart and mind to the messages God wants you to hear about.
Here is a quick video with easy to understand information about Meditating on Gods Words:
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