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The color of a candle is very important in any energetic and magical work, because each color absorbs or conducts through itself vibrations of energies of a certain quality.

This article gives guidelines, following which you can choose for their action color candles and increase the effectiveness of ongoing work.


Red symbolizes strength, energy, action, certainty, courage, bravery and determination. As well as sexuality and potency, longevity, life-threatening activities.

Red candles are good to use for very important goals, where it is necessary to add a lot of energy, so that it is enough to implement the global plans. Also red candles are used to attract love and passion.

At the same time, they are used to restore health and physical strength in cases of chronic diseases and in cases of lack of energy in older weakened people. Red candles are undesirable for colds, inflammatory processes (red has a lot of fire energy).

Red candles are used in exorcisms. Red candles can be used to purify from the forces of evil, burning away negative entities from the energy field.

Red corresponds to the first chakra. Therefore, red candles are good for activating the root (Muladhara) chakra.


White symbolizes purification, health, spirituality, honesty, divine power, peace and tranquility. In esotericism, white symbolizes light, vitality and clarity. White candles are good to use when a new source or a sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm is needed. White candles are suitable for rituals of transition: birth, marriage or acceptance of new members into the family, after a wedding or adoption. Use white candles in protective magic, to defeat darkness, injustice, for meditations. White candles are needed in rituals to increase spiritual experience and communication with guides, angels and inner self. White candles are suitable for use as altar candles because they absorb both lunar and solar energies.


Orange is the color of the sun, fertility, and promotes procreation and creativity. Orange candles are closely associated with growth, high self-esteem, confidence and abundance. Orange candles will also help your independence and assert your self if it has been threatened by constant pressure or criticism from others. It is also the color of joy, as well as the successful integration of all aspects of the personality into a harmonious whole. Orange is about control over a situation, it is about strength, attraction, and power. The candle can also be used for anything related to sex and pleasure. Orange corresponds to the 2nd chakra. Therefore, orange candles are good to use to activate the sexual (Svadhisthana) chakra.



Yellow candles are favorable for any kind of communication and activity, they strengthen the memory, improve mental abilities, help to overcome spiritual and creative crises and to acquire knowledge.

Light them if you want to win the trust and favor of another person or to succeed in business or intellectual spheres, if you want to pass exams or tests.

Also yellow candles can be used: for gaining good luck; before short trips .

Yellow aids in healing, especially in cases where surgery is needed or if you are dealing with damage to the mind.

Yellow is a good color for successful work in business, medicine, technology, mass communication, also it helps in finding a better paying job.

Yellow candles stimulate creativity, imagination, vitality, empower the mind, accelerate learning and improve memory.

Yellow candles are helpful in clairvoyance and divination, they help focus and enhance the imagination when composing a ritual.

Yellow corresponds to the 3rd chakra. Therefore, yellow candles are good to use to activate the Manipura chakra.


The color green helps in all kinds of love affairs, partnering or romantic relationships. Green candles are suitable for rituals related to the natural world, herbs, gardening and tree magic, for healing the forests and soils of our planet. The color green represents peace and harmony, especially when it comes to the inner world. Used in rituals, green candles increase prosperity, contribute to a gradual increase in income or capital. As the color of fairies, green is also very useful in spells that call for good luck or increase magical abilities.Corresponds to the 4th chakra. Therefore, green candles are good to use to activate the heart (Anahata) chakra.


Turquoise is the color of the Egyptian goddess of music, dance Hathor and wisdom. The magical mirror of this goddess reflected the true essence of all who looked into it.

Rituals with candles of turquoise color promote the establishment of harmony between feelings and thoughts, experience and wisdom, mind and heart.

Turquoise candles will help if you need to pay attention to many different areas of life at the same time or do two careers at once.

This color evokes compassion and altruism, an increase in healing abilities, helps to maintain objectivity when you need to make difficult choices or decisions, and gives you the ability to penetrate into other dimensions.

It is the color of artists, sculptors, dancers, writers and poets, it brings inspiration and originality, increasing creative abilities.


Blue candles are good in wisdom and protection rituals and for meditation, as they are very good at calming and balancing.

Blue candles are also used for healing and good health, raising spiritual potential and inspiration, for peace and harmony in the home, tolerance and tranquility.

Blue candle helps to lose weight.

Corresponds to the 6th chakra. Therefore, blue candles are good to use to activate the Ajna chakra.

Dark blue candles may be used when seeking protection and help from the light forces. Candles of this color help with fractures by improving bone fusion.


In magic, the color blue expands the boundaries of possibilities and brings success, confidence, and strength along with altruism, nobility, and idealism. Blue candles are also used in rituals aimed at increasing prosperity, they contribute to the emergence of new opportunities, development and expansion of business. It is the color of travel, jurisprudence, bureaucracy, and residence change. Blue candles help in careers related to justice and management.In addition, blue brings tranquility and gives the ability to deal with the most crisis situations.Blue color represents peace, protection and tranquility in the home.Corresponds to the 5th chakra. Therefore, blue candles are good to use to activate the throat (Vishudha) chakra.


Purple is the color of Jupiter, who acts as a wise teacher and keeper of secret knowledge, and Osiris, the Egyptian father god and ruler of the underworld, who dies every year and is resurrected by his wife Isis.

It symbolizes unconscious wisdom and everything of a psychic and spiritual nature. Purple colored candles give a connection to other dimensions.

Purple candles can be used for meditation, working with past lives, divination with a magic crystal, candles and mirrors and for astral travel.

The color purple can also be used in all rituals concerning investigations, secrets, mysteries, healing of the spirit and exorcism of all evil things associated with the past, especially failures and memories of rejected love.

Purple candles are good for mental protection and save from nightmares.

Shades of purple:


Indigo is the color of spiritual healing, enlightenment and knowledge of past lives and other worlds, it is the color of soothsayers.


Pale purple is the color of dreams and telepathic communication, contacts with devas and other nature spirits. Purple candles are used in herbal healing.


Purple is the color of clairvoyance, spiritualism and immersion into your inner world. It is the color of communication with guardian angels, mysticism and boundary situations.


Pink is also the color of Venus, but softer and more feminine. It is the color of family relationships, love, friendship, children and falling in love and trust, especially after a betrayal or failed relationship. Rituals with pink candles are good for restoring self-esteem and healing psychic wounds, for getting rid of previous troubles related to family or childhood, for restful sleep and reconciliation after quarrels.


The color crimson symbolizes self-sacrifice and unselfishness, especially for older women and men acting as wise counselors. Rituals with raspberry-colored candles will help with career choices and turn the positive and negative into wisdom that can help others.


Brown is the color of Saturn, the god of time (Kronos). Deposed by Jupiter, he was exiled to Italy, where he taught the farmers to sow and grow bread and established a golden age of peace and abundance.

Brown is good for protection, for magic related to animals, especially pets, promotes finding lost things, learning new crafts. Rituals with brown candles are performed to increase property, to find funds for some important cause. Brown is the color of mother earth and the spirits of the earth, so it helps in matters related to ecology and environmental protection. Brown candles are also used in rituals to help in court cases, to cure pets, and to help find missing things.


The color gray is associated with Saturn and Mercury, at times when these planets are invisible in the sky. Gray candles are primarily used in rituals to neutralize and get rid of negative energies or feelings. Gray is the halftone of compromise and adaptability, cautious behavior in moments of danger. It is the color of incompleteness and offers protection from physical and mental attacks.


Black is another color of Saturn, as well as the kings of the underworld – the Roman Pluto, the guardian of the treasures that lie in the ground, and the Greek Hades, who kidnapped Persephone (Proserpine) and thus caused the onset of winter. Black symbolizes not only death, but also regeneration. A belief in this phenomenon dates back to ancient Egypt, when fertile silt was deposited on the land during floods of the Nile, bringing new life to the land each year.

In magic, black can be used to exorcise all the negative, forgetting former sorrows and breaking up outdated relationships. Black candles help to survive misfortune, suitable for parting rituals, removal of spoilage and psychic protection. If you associate black candles with black magic, replace them in rituals with dark blue, dark purple or brown. In the positive sense, black is the color of forgiveness.

Often black candles are used as altar candles. in conjunction with white candles, to balance the energy.


The color silver is the color of the moon and all the lunar goddesses, such as the Roman Diana, the Greek Artemis, who was associated with the moon in all its phases and was considered the goddess of fertility and love. The silver candle on the altar symbolizes the goddess and the gold candle symbolizes the horned god. Silver is very useful for any divination, especially fortune telling with a candle, clairvoyance, development of telepathic and psychometric abilities and travel to the astral. A silver candle is suitable for rituals that invoke the anima (feminine power), enhancing intuition and mystical abilities. The silver color contributes to the realization of dreams, visions and desires. In times of stress and grief, silver candles will help get rid of negative energy, find peace of mind and unlock your potential. Silver candles are perfectly suitable for divination with the help of a magic crystal, especially during a full moon, and also for all kinds of magic connected with femininity and procreation.


Gold is the color of the sun and is associated with all the solar gods, such as the ancient Egyptian god Ra. In ancient Greece, it was believed that the sun god appeared in the East every morning and drove a chariot across the sky harnessed to winged horses. Gold color helps in world achievements, promotes increase of wealth and obtaining of recognition, longevity, execution of ambitious plans. You can also use gold-colored candles in rituals that aim to acquire a permanent and significant income. This – the color of male power and fertility, it symbolizes the animus (male power), energy, change, and is suitable for all rituals with a noble and altruistic purpose.


Magenta candles are usually used in rituals to contact otherworldly forces or to achieve power through other forces.